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  1. buttercup_pw is the last one you’ll ever need andrewgodwin/1206973371713372160
  2. Has anyone tried compiling #docker to #WebAssembly?
  3. Can we agree not to use DoorDash until 100% of tips go to employees? MikeIsaac/1153547112417595392
  4. Startup idea for someone, look at a twitter user's impressions to determine which accounts they want to unfollow
  5. Naughty_Dog just spent another 6 hours playing #TheLastOfUs it's amazing thank you
  6. If you're not using pandas why pick python over javascript?
  7. The future of technical interviews. This 15K LOC app has a bug when trying to do X, fix it. adrian_twarog/1265661463311466496
  8. Is anyone looking at generating serverless from existing web frameworks? Databases pose a challenge but if could take a rails/django/spring application and generate lambdas + aurora pg, you could become serverless overnight
  9. openfaas + digitalocean spaces to make a serverless docker registry
  10. Who said #MAGA first? BillClinton obviously;
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  11. Marathoning Silicon Valley weirdly caught up on the credits. Anyone else see that Napster fails, tents disappear, and 3 Google buildings #hm
  12. When you're trying to start a non profit and the accounting company wants their marketing department to talk to you #dreamcometrue
  13. “Attention, aspiring wizards & witches, you can now take Hogwarts courses online! Enroll now:
  14. #DrunkHistory get in the cab get outta the cab into another cab then get out then go to the Virginia parking garage
  15. Is there an objective metric for measuring safety in a programming language? i.e. if your program runs you have some guarantee about what will happen at runtime, Elm and Rust would be safer than JavaScript or C for instance. It needs to be more specific than just type safety too
  16. Just started using sanity_io, what an awesome service!
  17. Moving a GoDaddy Wordpress site over to Digital Ocean and Netlify; 1/3 the cost and 10 times faster with GatsbyJS
  18. Generally I'd agree with this advice but I'm using remix_run for the first time to build mine, it would've been so much more complicated if I built what I knew (react-static +graphql api). Once I got started I realized I didn't need the API yet dagorenouf/1503739817980481543
  19. …in reply to @texastoland
    texastoland AdamRackis I'm primarily a java developer so kotlin is a game changer, for a ton of jvm specific reasons; like coroutines, boilerplate, and immutables, to name a few but the ability to run everywhere through multiplatform or target & use dependencies for web/jvm specifically is appealing
  20. The last 10% of a project is 90% of the work
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    ac1dgoddess buttercup_pw is my favorite
  22. Who knew npmjs could be so fun?Just published Pelipper, a pluggable message delivery service
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  23. Just published my first npmjs package! Limitless a super configurable event handler, with 100% test coverage -
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  24. Just watched Imaginedragons live in #NOLA happy New Year!!
  25. …in reply to @AdamRackis
    AdamRackis I started with swift but after learning kotlin it's really tough to go back, haven't tried using kotlin to build iOS apps yet though